Legato, World of the Piano: Aimard

Bach, Carter, Benjamin, Beethoven

We live in the "renaissance of the piano," as the NY Times put it in summer 2005. A new generation has made the piano popular again: pianists with a passion for virtuosity and a wilingness to expand their repertoire. In addition to the usual classics they perform formerly scorned works or they discover neglected composers.

Legato is a serie of 4 episodes dedicated to presenting some of his new movement's most fascinating pianists _ their individual approaches, their fresh ideas and their music. Every episode portrays an artist (Boris Berezovsky, Marc André Hamelin, Roland Pöntinen, Pierre-Laurent Aimard) and shows an aspect of the world of the piano. Viewers meet the artists, get to know their styles, their methods of working their personnal idiosyncrasies. The sum of these portrait provides viewers with an overall picture of the art of the pianist.

Pierre-Laurent Aimard is widely acclaimed both as a key figure in the new music world and a uniquely significant musical voice in repertoire of the past. His aesthetic of lucidity sets him appart from so many other pianists.

Movie director : Jan Schmidt-Garre
Playlist : The Piano Masters
Music genre : Recitals and chamber music

Duration : 01 h 20 min
Production date : 2008
Production : © Pars Media / EuroArts Music International

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