Pablo Casals: portrait

An important figure of the history of music and of history itself

The portrait of a giant of the history of music and of history itself: Pablo Casals

It was only in the 20th century that the cello became an instrument in its own right. A development to which the giant, Pablo Casals, greatly contributed through his art and his admirable human qualities.

This film retraces the exceptional career of the Spanish cellist who revolutionized the rules of interpretation, reacquainted audiences with the "Cello Suites" by Bach and stood up to Franco… His great aura continues to shine at the Prades festival, which he founded in 1950, for the 200th anniversary of Johan-Sebastian Bach. Footage shows him in Prades interpreting a movement from a Suite with astounding modernity and incisiveness.

Movie director : Michael Meert
Collection : The Greatest Cellists
Playlist : The Legends of the 20th century

Duration : 57 min
Production date : 2002
Production : © Montevideofilm - Michael Meert
Available version(s) : ES ST EN

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