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Plácido Domingo's Operalia 2010: Final Round

The World Opera Competition – Hosted by the Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Sonya Yoncheva and Stefan Pop's consecration at the 2010 Operalia Competition!

The 2010 Operalia final round took playce in one of the world's leading concert halls: the Teatro alla Scala, in Milan. On the 2nd of May, 10 finalists sang one opera aria they chose (as well as one optional zarzuela aria) with a full orchestra, performing under the baton of Plácido Domingo himself!/p>

Plácido Domingo was born in Madrid and he had the luck to have parents who were musicians and theater people. His father Plácido Domingo Sr. and his mother Pepita Embil were stars of the zarzuela, the Spanish form of operetta. In 1949, when he was eight, they created a company of their own in Mexico, and his younger sister and he joined them there. The "Zarzuela Prizes" are in honour of Plácido Domingo's parents.

Under the leadership of Plácido Domingo, a panel of distinguished international judges (directors of the world's great opera houses) selected the winners of the 2010 Operalia Competition.

They gave the first prizes to Sonya Yoncheva (soprano, Bulgaria) and Stefan Pop (tenor, Romania).

More details on the jury members and the winners of Operalia 2010 on the Operalia summary page.

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Broadcast date : May 2, 2010, 6 p.m.

Duration : 01 h 58 min
Location : Teatro alla Scala (Milan, Italy)
Recording date : 02/05/2010
Production date : 2010

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