A musical journey through Bulgaria


In Bulgaria, music reflects the Balkanic soul with its specific rhythm and its color: rough and sensitive, moving and lively at the same time.

Bulgaria has spent 500 years under Ottoman domination. During this period, Bulgarian culture was silenced but remained vivid through folklore. In 1887, the country became independent and the first Bulgarian composers began to express their own culture: Dobri Khristov is considered as the pioneer of the country's composition tradition. Lubomir Pipkov, Marin Petrov Goleminov among others enriched this tradition.

What characterizes Bulgarian musical style is its specific rhythm called "Aksak" by Béla Bartók, which signifies "to limp." It refers to a rhythmical structure, mostly binary but alternating long beats and short beats. This structure reflects the traditional Bulgarian dances which correspond to the first role of music in the country: to gather people through dances.

The Musical journeys explore European countries and meet with their musical traditions, past and present. A director wanders and stumbles upon celebrities of the classical world, students or amateurs who carry a passion for music. He draws a portrait of a musical culture and juxtaposes interviews with performances or concert excerpts: a delightful excursion!

Movie director : Arthur Cemin
Collection : The musical journeys

Duration : 52 min
Production date : 2004
Production : © LGM
Available version(s) : VI

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