Zaide – Mozart

Louis Langrée, Peter Sellars – Russell Thomas (Sultan Soliman), Morris Robinson (Osmin), Ekaterina Lekhina (Zaide) – Aix-en-Provence Festival

Zaide, the unfinished opera by Mozart, in a production directed by Peter Sellars which was the focus of controversy at the Aix-en-Provence festival.

In 2008, the Aix-en-Provence Festival created a surprise by opening its sixtieth edition with Zaide, the unfinished opera written by Mozart at 23 and reinterpreted by the American director Peter Sellars. Composed in 1780, two years before The Abduction from the Seraglio, Zaide contains melodies of incredible inventiveness. The work lacks an overture, a finale and many of the spoken dialogues. Missing elements that allow Sellars to build a consistency, his own consistency: the work becomes a manifesto against slavery. Sellars' vision provoked a scandal, as it had previously disturbed audiences in Vienna and London, but the Cour de l'Archevêché has experienced plenty of scandals.

The film proposed here is Sellars' spectacle presented in Aix-en-Provence. It features the same singers, Russel Thomas (Sultan Soliman), Ekaterina Lekhina (Zaide) and Sean Panikar (Gomatz), the same conductor and the same formation (Louis Langrée and the Salzburg Camerata) who, through their commitment, do justice to the work while respecting Sellars' dramaturgy. The best way of forming one's own opinion is to look at this version of Zaide. Even though, as the assistant director aptly puts it, "You probably won't share this vision, you may be shocked or even remain indifferent to our contemporary approach, however, it is a gift and we hope that you will greet it with open arms and open minds."

Ekaterina Lekhina (Zaide)
Sean Panikkar (Gomatz)
Alfred Walker (Allazim)
Russell Thomas (Sultan Soliman)
Morris Robinson (Osmin)

Camerata Salzburg
Louis Langrée conductor

Movie director : Peter Sellars
Collection : On the way to festivals
Musical period : Classical music
Music genres : Voice, Opera

Duration : 01 h 49 min
Location : Aix-en-Provence Festival (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Recording date : 2008
Production date : 2008
Production : © Idéale Audience
Available version(s) : DE ST EN, DE ST FR

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