Memoriae: Voice of Childhood, voice of exile

Story of a creation

A journey through the popular songs of Argentina, Corsica, Slovenia and Poland with a documentary on the making of the show Memoriae by Orianne Moretti.

Maria and José are two children, two teenagers, two adults, who lead us through the world of memory, of childhood and of exile, through the voice lands that are Corsica, Argentina, Poland and Slovenia. Maria and José sing and dance their childhood, their first disappointments in love, the war, their separation and their reunion in these beloved, left and returned to lands, in which childhood objects appear and disappear like flashes of memory.

Memoriae is a journey to the heart of memory, of memories. Because memory is not singular but plural: it is sensorial, visual, aural, olfactory and tactile. It is emotional and geographical. Memoriae also travels into areas of the heart, as it does into areas of the world.

As soothing as lullabies, as sensual as Piazzola's Milonga or as melancholic and painful as lamentations, the songs of Maria and José are songs of the earth, laden not only with history, tears and blood, but with love, innocence, joy and magic.

Memoriae is like a child's snow globe. It's a world of memory, at once painful and luminous, nostalgic and magical, personal and universal. A visual journey, an aural journey, a danced journey, Memoriae is a journey-bridge between the cultures of the world.

Orianne Moretti stage director
Philippe Spinosi conductor
Bruno Bouché choreography

Orianne Moretti soprano
Marcos Fink bass baritone
Corey Cerovsek violin
Philippe Spinosi guitar
Sébastien Authemayou bandoneon
Anne Garance Fabre dit Garrus cello

Serge Fernand dancer

Movie director : Benjamin Bleton alias Karl More

Duration : 26 min
Production date : 2011
Available version(s) : FR

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