Mefistofele – Boito

Maurizio Arena, Robert Carsen – Samuel Ramey (Mefistofele), Gabriela Benackova (Margherita and Elena) – San Francisco Opera

Inspired by the Faust legend, Arrigo Boito's Mefistofele is an imaginative work which is also faithful to Goethe's original conception.

The opera premiered in 1868 at La Scala, Milan. It is characterized by its rich orchestral sounds, beautifully punctuated with lyrical passages and choral interludes. Robert Calsen's staging sublimes that work with a post-modern production, both theatrically stunning and profundly decadent.

The performance has been unanimously acclaimed in San Francisco and Paris, and Samuel Ramey, the title role, has won both critical and popular approval.

Robert Carsen stage director
Michael Levine set designer
Thomas J. Munn lighting
Jennifer Green costumes

Samuel Ramey (Mefistofele)
Gabriela Benackova (Margherita and Elena)
Dennis O'Neill (Faust)
Judith Christin (Marta)
Emily Manhart (Pantalis)
Daniel Harper (Wagner)
Douglas Wunsch (Nereo)

San Francisco Opera Orchestra
Maurizio Arena conductor

Movie director : Brian Large
Playlist : The World's Greatest Concert Halls
Music genres : Voice, Music with choir

Duration : 02 h 39 min
Location : San Francisco Opera (San Francisco, California, USA)
Production date : 1989
Production : © RM Arts and San Francisco Opera
Available version(s) : IT ST EN

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