Masaaki Suzuki conducts Bach, St John Passion

Bach Collegium Japan

Conducted by Masaaki Suzuki, who knows Bach better than most, a Saint John Passion of magnificent integrity

An Organ player, harpsichord player and conductor, the Japanese musician Masaaki Suzuki, who studied in Amsterdam in the classes of Ton Koopman and Piet Kee, is one of the greatest experts and interpreters of Bach's music today. He is a practising Christian and a member of the Reformed Church of Japan which represents a Minority within the Minority (Christians are 1% of the Japanese population).

In 1990, Suzuki founded the Bach Collegium Japan, with which he made recordings of all of Bach's Cantatas heralded around the world and this Passion of Saint John, filmed during a concert at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo in July 2000.

The Passion of Saint John interpreted by Suzuki is of an extremely high level: today few master Bach as this conductor does. Very well filmed, with great simplicity yet without austerity, this vision of the Passion is served by excellent soloists and is the most beautiful introduction one might imagine to this masterpiece by Johann-Sebastian Bach.

Bach Collegium Japan
Masaaki Suzuki conductor

Gerd Türk tenor
Stephan MacLeod bass baritone
Robin Blaze countertenor
Midori Suzuki soprano
Chiyuki Urano bass

Movie director : Shokichi Amano
Playlists : The World's Greatest Concert Halls, Bach, Handel, Scarlatti: Generation 1685, Easter Music, Sacred Music
Musical period : Baroque music
Music genre : Music with choir

Duration : 01 h 57 min
Location : Suntory Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
Recording date : 2000
Production date : 2000
Production : © NHK Tokyo / EuroArts Music International

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