Mariss Jansons and Emmanuel Pahud perform Mozart

Europakonzert 2001

Performed in a different European city each year, the incomparable Berlin Philharmonic's annual Europakonzert commemorates the orchestra's 1882 founding while celebrating the cultural life of the European community.

In 2001 the concert was performed at the historic St. Irene Church in Istanbul under the direction of Mariss Jansons. St. Irene (Hagia Eirene) is the oldest church in Istanbul originating from the 4th Century. Today it is mainly used for festivals and concerts.

Movie director : Bob Coles
Playlist : Europakonzert
Musical period : Classical music
Music genre : Orchestral music
Musical forms : Concerto, Symphony

Duration : 01 h 42 min
Location : St. Irene Church (Istanbul, Turkey)
Recording date : 01/05/2001
Production date : 2001
Production : © EuroArts, Videal / brilliant media

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