Louis Langrée, Mozart without pathos

Rehearsing the Mozart Symphony No. 40

Mozart's 40th Symphony is one of Louis Langree's favorites. This young conductor of the National Opera House of Lyon offers us to come with him and "meet the work."

After a concert rehearsal in emergency conditions, we meet the orchestra again six months later. They are rehearsing the 40th all over again. Between two breaks, a few musicians watch a video of their conductor, make comments on his gestures as well as the wordless language they use to communicate. Louis Langree takes us into the rehearsal work "until the magic moment, when everything's shared."

Louis Langrée music director

Orchestre de l'Opéra national de lyon

Movie director : Claire Alby
Musical period : Classical music

Duration : 26 min
Location : Lyon Opera House (Lyons, France)
Production date : 1999
Production : © FRANCE 3 / MC4 / MEZZO

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