Looking for Rosamund

Rehearsing the Schubert Opus 29

To committing himself to the search of music's true interpretation a musician is rewarded by the discovery of its essence.

This musical treasure is only available to those who have the keys to the musical world. The uninitiated must, therefore, find a guide who will open these doors with passion and intelligence. One doesn't have to be a musician or understand chamber music to be able to follow this inner journey.

The film leads the spectator on a complex path along which he will discover the music that everybody carries within oneself, beyond the mysteries of the partition. Under the direction of Mrs Andrée Loew, we observe the work of four young girls from deciphering the partition, the 1st and 3rd movements from Schubert's Opus 29, "Rosamund".

By the end, the musicians have progressed and their music approaches the spirit of the work. The music becomes totally visible, we are constantly pulld along by the fluidity of Schubert's harmony.

Alba Cirafici violin
Hermine Vouga violin
Anne Huser viola
Corinne Cavin cello

Andrée Wachsmuth-Loew musical direction

Movie director : Kamal Musale

Duration : 42 min
Production date : 1994
Production : © Les films du Lotus

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