Les Indes galantes, Rameau – Opera

William Christie, Andrei Serban – João Fernandes (Bellone), Paul Agnew (Valère), Patricia Petibon (Zima) – Opéra national de Paris

William Christie and Les Arts Florissants propel this exuberant production of Jean Philippe Rameau's second opera to great heights. Andrei Serban's extravagant, highly baroque staging presents the four exotic love stories in a vibrant way.

In "The Generous Turk" Osman sets free his captive Emilie, whom he loves, so that she may be re-united with her former lover Valère. "The Incas of Peru" is all about the rivalry of the Inca Huascar and the Spaniard Don Carlos in pursuit of Princess Phani. "The Flowers" offers a Persian love intrigue, as the Sultana Fatima tries to find out if her husband Tacmas has an eye on the lovely Atalide. And "The Savages" takes us to North America, where a Spaniard and a Frenchman compete for the love of Zima, daughter of a native chief, who prefers one of her own people...

Andrei Serban stage director
Blanca Li choreography
Marina Draghici set designer, costumes
Robert Wierzel lighting

Danielle de Niese (Hébé)
João Fernandes (Bellone )
Valérie Gabail (L’amour)
Nicolas Cavallier (Osman)
Anna Maria Panzarella (Emilie)
Paul Agnew (Valère)
Nathan Berg (Huascar )
Jael Azzaretti (Phani)
François Piolino (Don Carlos)
Richard Croft (Tacmas)
Nathan Berg (Ali)
Gaële Le Roi (Zaïre )
Malin Hartelius (Fatime)
Christoph Strehl (Damon)
Christophe Fel (Don Alvar)
Patricia Petibon (Zima)
Nicolas Rivenq (Adario)

Les Arts Florissants
William Christie musical direction

Duration : 03 h 08 min
Location : Palais Garnier (Paris, France)
Production date : 2004
Production : © Opéra national de Paris / LGM
Available version(s) : FR ST EN, FR ST FR

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