The Tales of Hoffmann – Offenbach

Alain Guingal, Giancarlo del Monaco – Aquiles Machado (Hoffman), Milagros Poblador (Olympia) – Palacio Euskalduna de Bilbao

A fantastic Aquiles Machado interpreting Hoffmann, a young hero at the research of the Romantic ideal.

In a tavern in Nuremberg, a Muse reveals her purpose to seduce Hoffmann, a young and romantic character, who accepts to entertain his friend by telling the story of the three great loves of his life. Hoffman's first love was Olympia, which turned out to be eventually a mechanical doll created by the scientist Spalanzi. Hoffmann's second love was Antonia, a young and sensitive women gifted with the most beautiful voice. Unfortunately a mysterious illness threatened to kill her if she started singing. Under the harmful influence of Dr Miracle, she yielded to temptation and died. Overwhelmed with grief, Hoffmann swore not to fall in love ever again. But Giulietta, a Venetian courtesan, succeeded in courting the young man and filches Hoffman's reflection from a magic mirror, before leaving in the arms of another lover, Pittichinaccio. The Muse, who took the appearance of Hoffmann's closest friend, Nikolausse, reveals then her true identity...

Though Offenbach made his Parisian success thanks to his comical works, like La Grande-duchesse de Gerolstein or Orphée aux Enfers, The Tales of Hoffman is a fantastic opera based on three novels written by E. T. A. Hoffmann at the beginning of the 19th century: Der Sandmann ("The Sandman"), Rath Krespel ("Councillor Krespel") and Das verlorene Spiegelbild ("The Lost Reflection"). The Tales of Hoffmann, here in the fairy production of Giancarlo del Monaco, illustrates the Romantic quest of an idealized Love that should be transcended in the research of an artistic absolute, in the poetic contemplation of beauty.

Photo: E. Moreno Esquibel

Giancarlo del Monaco stage director
Michael Scott set designer, costume designer
Wolfgang von Zoubek lighting
Elena Kalabakas

Aquiles Machado (Hoffman)
Milagros Poblador (Olympia)
Valentina Kutzarova (Giulietta)
María Bayo (Antonia)
Konstantin Gorny (Lindorf, Coppélius, Dr. Miracle, Dapertutto)
Katharine Goeldner (Nicklausse)
Christophe Fel (Luther, Crespel)
Christian Jean (Spalanzani)
Itxaro Mentxaka (Antonia’s Mother)
José Ruiz (Andrés, Cochenille, Frantz, Pitichinaccio)
Marco Moncloa (Hermann, Meter Schlémil)
Manuel De Diego (Nathanaël)
Itziar Fernández De Unda (Stella)
David Aguayo Marqués (Voice )

Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa
Coro De Ópera De Bilbao
Alain Guingal conductor
Boris Dujin chorus master

Movie director : Ángel Luis Ramírez
Collections : Fairy Tales in Music, Operalia: What Have They Become?
Music genre : Voice

Duration : 03 h 05 min
Location : Palacio Euskalduna de Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)
Production date : 2006
Production : © Opus Arte / ABAO
Available version(s) : FR ST FR, FR ST EN, FR ST ES

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