Les Cahiers retrouvés de Nina Vyroubova

Dominique Delouche's documentary goes back over Nina Vyroubova's exceptional career.

Raised in the intellectual milieu of the Russian circles of emigrants in Paris, Nina Vyroubova trained with the former principal dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre such as Trefilova, Preobrajenska or Egorova, who settled in the French city after the Soviet revolution. The young Nina Vyroubova made her debuts at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in 1945, where she was soon noticed by Serge Lifar who offered her a place at the Paris Opera, which named her an Étoile later on. She acquired an international fame in the title role of Giselle. In the company of the principal dancers of the Paris Opera, Nina Vyroubova hands down her art to the young generation.

Nina Vyroubova

Cyril Atanassoff
Milorad Miskovitch
Delphine Moussin
Isabelle Ciaravola
Muriel Hallé
Valéry Colin
Yann Saïz

Movie director : Dominique Delouche
Playlist : The Musical Life in Former USSR
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 01 h 30 min
Production date : 1995
Production : © Les Films du Prieuré / France 2 / France Supervision
Available version(s) : FR

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