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Les Arts Florissants perform Monteverdi: Madrigals, Book VI

The complete Monteverdi madrigals – Paul Agnew, conductor

Following the broadcast of the five first books of madrigals by Monteverdi, performed by Les Arts Florissants and Paul Agnew, the baroque ensemble is live on again to present the Book VI!

To give a rendition of the the eight books of madrigals by Monteverdi, this was Paul Agnew's extensive project... The concerts started in 2011 with the singers of Les Arts Florissants and has continued since then. This concert represents the perfect opportunity to hear the Sixth Book of madrigals.

Published in 1614, the Sixth Book opens with a tanscription of the famous Lamento d'Arianna, the only fragment that remains of an opera composed in 1608 by Monteverdi for the Mantua's court. In this score, music espouses the inner feelings of the heroine and draws the picture of her distress. This first piece gives the tone to the entire book: farewell, distance and loss are the main themes developped in the poems written by Petrarch (to his beloved Laura) and Gian Battista Marino.

The sixth book of Monteverdi's madrigals performed by Les Arts Florissants is now available in our subscription catalogue.

This concert is part of the complete Monteverdi Madrigals series performed by Les Arts Florissants conducted by Paul Agnew at the Cité de la Musique, and at the théâtre de Caen.

Les Arts Florissants are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, la Ville de Caen and the Région Basse-Normandie. They are in residency at the théâtre de Caen. Imerys and Alstom are the great benefactors of Les Arts Florissants.

Picture: © Philippe Grollier

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Broadcast date : Jan. 16, 2014, 7 p.m.

Les Arts Florissants
Paul Agnew conductor

Miriam Allan soprano
Hannah Morrison soprano
Maud Gnidzaz soprano
Lucile Richardot contralto
Paul Agnew tenor
Sean Clayton tenor
Cyril Costanzo bass

Massimo Moscardo archlute
Jonathan Rubin archlute
Florian Carré harpsichord
Nanja Breedjik harp

Rita de Leitteriis (conseiller linguistique)

Movie director : Isabelle Soulard

Location : Philharmonie de Paris – Philharmonie 2 (former Cité de la musique) (Paris, France)
Production date : 2014
Production : © CLC productions – Les Arts Florissants

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