Leonard Bernstein's Omnibus: Introduction to modern music

Episode 5

Omnibus, the cultural hit TV-show of the 50s is brought back to your screens by medici.tv!

The Omnibus series was launched by the Ford foundation to improve America's knowledge has become a hit show of the 1950s and was awarded by seven Emmy Awards among other prices. It was broadcast successively by ABC, CBS and NBC. The episodes hosted and conceived by Leonard Bernstein as the maestro's TV debuts as a pedagogue, are now available on medici.tv! In 1954, the first episode of this series, dedicated to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony gained such a success that it made it to the cover of Life Magazine, two weeks later, on November 29.

This episode of the Omnibus series, broadcast in 1957 is dedicated to "learned" modern music. This field, very dear to Leonard Bernstein was chosen by the maestro himself. It is an introduction to the musical "avant-garde" of the 1950s.

Duration : 48 min
Production date : 1957
Production : © E1 Entertainment
Available version(s) : EN

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