Le Spectre de la Danse and other films by Dominique Delouche
Dominique Delouche's archives

Seven documentaries produced by Dominique Delouche, with Maya Plisetskaya and the Principal Dancers at the Paris Opera Ballet.

Dominique Delouche is an uncommon and extraordinary movie director. Though he made his debut in the film industry as an assistant of Federico Fellini (on Il Bidone, Nights of Cabiria and La Dolce Vita) and then produced his own feature films, including L'Homme de désir (First Prize at the Max Ophüls Festival in 1971), Dominique Delouche dedicated most of his career to the choreographic world with the aim to grasp the essence of dance and hand it down to the next generations.

This exceptional programme gathers seven documentaries, produced between 1959 and 1984. They combine rehearsal footages and on stage excerpts. All considered as the best dancers of their generation, Nina Vyroubova, Attilio Labis, Patrick Dupond, Yvette Chauviré or Ghislaine Thesmar, to name but a few, accepted to face the camera while practising under the direction of the 20th century greatest choreographers, such as Serge Lifar or John Neumeier. The video concludes with a majestic performance of the fascinating Bolshoi's prima ballerina assoluta, Maya Plisetskaya. If style evolves, art remains intemporal, as Dominique Delouche brilliantly shows with these exceptional short movies.

Nina Vyroubova (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Attilio Labis (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Élisabeth Platel (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Patrick Dupond (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Yvette Chauviré (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Dominique Khalfouni (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Ghislaine Thesmar (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Michaël Denard (Principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Yannick Stephant (Fist dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet)
Maya Plisetskaya (Prima Ballerina Assoluta of the Bolshoi)

Serge Lifar choreography
Rosella Hightower
John Neumeier choreography
Pierre Lacotte choreography

Movie director : Dominique Delouche
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 01 h 21 min
Production date : 1959-1984
Production : © Les Films du Prieuré – Doriane Films
Available version(s) : FR