La Cenerentola in Glyndebourne

Interviews with Vladimir Jurowski and Peter Hall

Director Sir Peter Hall and conductor Vladimir Jurowski meet in Glyndebourne for an uncommon rendition of La Cenerentola.

La Cenerentola, based on Perrault's classic tale of Cinderella, is one of Rossini's masterpieces, considered to be one of the supreme examples of early 19th century comic opera. Rossini, as a man of the Enlightenment, stripped down all the elements of the fairy tale from the original story and turned it into a social comedy where love triumphs over malice and horrible distortions of class.

Sir Peter Hall finds a Mozartian dimension in La Cenerentola and Vladimir Jurowski who has always admired the score, finds the libretto as good as one by Da Ponte. Whereas the traditional way to stage this opera is the fairy tale aesthetics, for the 2005 Glyndebourne festival, Hall and Jurowski agreed to present a realistic version, probably closer to Rossini's vision where the dimension of human "dramma giocoso" prevails.

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Peter Hall stage director
Vladimir Jurowski conductor

Duration : 25 min
Location : Glyndebourne (Lewes, Great Britain)
Production date : 2005
Production : © Opus Arte
Available version(s) : VO ST EN, VO ST FR, VO ST ES

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