La Casa Dei Suoni, The House of Magical Sounds

Based on a book by Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado's book La Casa dei Suoni is here adapted for the screen, introducing youngsters to the orchestra thanks to interpretations of Major orchestra pieces by the European Union Youth Orchestra.

"I was a very lucky child because I was born amidst music. In fact my father's job, a wonderful job, was to play the violin. He used to practice in a room far away from the one in which I played as a small boy. Once, when I was very young, I was drawn by the magical sounds that came from that room. My father made the violin speak in an extraordinarily beautiful language unknown to me. I remained very quiet for fear of interrupting the magic spell cast by his playing..."

This film, based on a book by Claudio Abbado, is both a memoir of the Berliner Philharmoniker director Claudio Abbado's early years, and a personal introduction to the orchestra. It culminates in a deeply felt introduction to the sections of the orchestra with Abbado leading the Youth Orchestra of a United Europe.

La Casa dei Suoni, written by Claudio Abbado, is a book dedicated to the children. It aims at explicating music in a simple way, notably the roles of each instrument in an orchestra, or the different genres of classical music...

Claudio Abbado conductor

Berliner Philharmoniker
European Union Youth Orchestra

Movie director : Daniele Abbado

Duration : 50 min
Production date : 1994
Production : © Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Available version(s) : EN

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