L'Incoronazione di Poppea, Monteverdi – Opera

Christophe Rousset, Pierre Audi – Sandrine Piau (Amore - Damigella), Nathan Berg (Mercurio) – De Nederlandse Opera

A subtle production of L'Incoranazione di Poppea by Pierre Audi, with Christophe Rousset conducting the Talens Lyriques.

Ottone discovers that his lover Poppea has an affair with Nerone, who contemplates repudiating his legitimate wife Octavia and getting married with Poppea. Seneca, Nerone's tutor, strongly disapproves the imperator's conduct. As a result, Nerone sentences his tutor to death. Ottone and Octavia plot to murder Poppea, but their attempt is thwarted by Love protecting Poppea. The two plotters are sentenced to exile. Poppea and Nerone can get married.

Almost four decades before creating his Poppea, Monteverdi wrote in the preface to his fifth book of madrigals that "the modern composer must create his works solely on the basis of the truth" – a credo to which the music of his final opera is utterly faithful. Poppea is a potent work. The fact that, at the close of this highly charged dramma in musica, Monteverdi allows evil to triumph over good (albeit temporarily), has frequently led to his being decried as amoral. Doubtless it is this very moral neutrality of Monteverdi's theatre that comes across as being so modern. What is taken to be his cynicism, nowadays creates a deep involvement from performers and audiences alike, wonderfully captured in this live recording of Pierre Audi's moving, timeless and beautifully styled production from Het Muziektheater Amsterdam in 1994.

Pierre Audi stage director
Michael Simon set designer
Emi Wada costumes
Jean Kalman lighting

Cynthia Haymon (Poppea)
Brigitte Balleys (Nerone)
Ning Liang (Ottavia)
Michael Chance (Ottone)
Harry Van Der Kamp (Seneca)
Heidi Grant Murphy (Drusilla)
Jean-Paul Fouchécourt (Arnalta)
Dominique Visse (Nurse)
Claron McFadden (Valletto)
Elena Vink (Fortuna)
Sandrine Piau (Amore - Damigella)
Wilke Te Brummelstroete (Virtù - Pallade)
Nathan Berg (Mercurio - Console I)
Mark Tucker (Soldato I - Lucano - Tribune I - Famigliare II)
Lynton Atkinson (Soldato II - Liberto - Tribune II)
Romain Bischoff (Littore - Famigliare III - Console II)

Les Talens Lyriques
Christophe Rousset music director

Movie director : Hans Hulscher
Playlist : Music, history and politics
Musical period : Baroque music
Music genre : Voice

Duration : 03 h 21 min
Location : De Nederlandse Opera (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Production date : 1994
Production : © NOS
Available version(s) : IT ST EN, IT ST FR, IT ST EN

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