L'Africaine – Meyerbeer

Emmanuel Villaume (music director), Leo Muscato (stage director) – Teatro La Fenice

Discover Meyerbeer's L'Africaine in Leo Muscato's production by La Fenice in Venice – one of the world's greatest opera houses.

A five-act opera composed by Giacomo Meyerbeer after Eugène Scribe's French libretto, L'Africaine has been influenced by the German harmony, the Italian melody but also showcases French features, such as the rhythm, the visual effects of the lyric tragedy and the sensational stories of the light opera

L'Africaine was premiered on the 28th of April 1865, one year after the composer's death. It was staged at the Paris Opera House and was critically acclaimed, both from the audience and from the press. The final of the first act, the first part of the baritone's aria "Fille des rois," the Indian March, the tenor's aria "Pays merveilleux" could have only been composed by a great musician.

Under the baton of Emmanuel Villaume – who conducted such prestigious orchestras as the Royal Philharmonic of London, the NHK Orchestra, the Chinese Orchestra (during the Olympic Games in 2008) – the orchestra of La Fenice accompanies Jessica Pratt, Veronica Simeoni and Gregory Kunde singing the parts of Inès, Sélika and Vasco de Gama. The Teatro La Fenice celebrates the 150th anniversary of Giacomo Meyerbeer's death and offers the perfect opportunity to rediscover the composer's masterpiece in Leo Muscato's spectacular staging.

New production Fondazione Teatro La Fenice (2013).

© Picture: Michele Crosera

Leo Muscato stage director
Alessandro Verazzi lighting
Carlos Tieppo costume designer
Massimo Checchetto set designer

Jessica Pratt (Inès)
Veronica Simeoni (Sélika)
Gregory Kunde (Vasco de Gama)
Emanuele Giannino (Don Alvar)
Angelo Veccia (Nélusko)
Luca dall’Amico (Don Pédro)
Davide Ruberti (Don Diego)
Mattia Denti (Le grand inquisiteur de Lisbonne)
Ruben Amoretti (Le grand-prêtre de Brahma)
Anna Bordignon (Anna)

Orchestra e Coro del Teatro La Fenice
Emmanuel Villaume conductor
Claudio Marino Moretti chorus master

Movie director : Stéphane Vérité

Duration : 03 h 00 min
Location : Teatro La Fenice (Venice, Italy)
Recording date : 29 Nov. 2013
Production date : 2013
Production : Oxymore / Fondazione Teatro La Fenice
Available version(s) : FR ST FR

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