Evgeny Kissin plays Prokofiev in recital

Verbier Festival 2009

Evgeny Kissin in a recital dedicated to his compatriot Sergei Prokofiev, at the Verbier Festival.

His performance reached its climax with "Montagues and Capulets" from Romeo and Juliet, where Evgeny Kissin succeeded in fitting into his keyboard all the powerful and tragic spirit of the original ballet music. The continuation of his program includes the Sonata No.8 and the Suggestion Diabolique

Evgeny Kissin has been considered a genius for several years now. Few contemporary musicians are as admired as he is. Wherever Kissin goes, he meets the passionate enthusiasm of an audience which remains faithful to the "phenomenon," and in the music universe, each of his performances is an international event. The unique concern of perfection he carries, both in terms of interpretation and in terms of technique can be found in no other musician. This recital given for the 16th edition of the Verbier Festival in 2009 celebrates the Russian composer. A real jewel!

Duration : 48 min
Production date : 2009
Production : © Idéale Audience

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