Karine Saporta, Words on Dance

Centre chorégraphique national de Caen

For Karine Saporta, there is more to dance than dance itself… The choreographer founded her Parisian company in 1982 and became head of the Centre national de Caen et de Basse-Normandie in 1988. She also took philosophy and sociology lessons and always had a strong interest in visual arts: movies, television, photography and painting.

Talking about her art, Karine Saporta considers herself as a craftswoman and an intellectual: she sculpts material and shows bodies with the specific intention of transmitting a message of a set of ideas. Emotion is what she looks for in her dancers and she primarily wants to communicate her amazement to the world.

As a true artist, she wants to get rid of the constraint of the classical dance she was taught and build her own baroque and dreamy universe. She entrusts the camera with her intention of choreographer, close to that of an activist: "I wish dance would take over the world."

Karine Saporta choreography

Movie director : Jean-Michel Plouchard
Collections : Words on Dance: Portraits of French Choreographers, The Contemporary Ballet Scene
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 25 min
Production date : 1997
Production : © INJAM production / Paris première
Available version(s) : FR ST EN

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