Karajan – The Second Life

Herbert von Karajan at the recording studio

Discovering Karajan through recording sessions and archive footages never released before.

The film Karajan – The Second Life offers a fascinating glimpse of the reality of Karajan's work in the recording studio, painting a nuanced portrait of the conductor and his musical ideas. The main focus is on the question of what will remain of Karajan, who recorded more albums than any other musician, and of his incomparably ambitious artistic legacy.

This film includes a wealth of archival footage never shown before (about 90% of the music excerpts shown have never been released before), depicting Karajan during rehearsals and recording sessions, including works that have not been shown under his baton previously on film or TV (e.g. The Rite of Spring and Siegfried).

Renowned colleagues and contemporaries of Karajan are interviewed: Anne-Sophie Mutter, Peter Alward, David Bell, Brigitte Fassbaender, Eberhard Finke, to name but a few. Excerpts from privately recorded phone conversations between Karajan and his recording producer Günter Hermanns were evaluated exclusively for this film, conveying an authentic insight into the way Karajan worked with his team.

Herbert von Karajan conductor

Anne-Sophie Mutter
Peter Alward
David Bell
Brigitte Fassbaender
Eberhard Finke
Wolfgang Gülich
Hans Hirsch
Klaus König
Krzysztof Polonek
Ernst Pöppel
Godehard Pruin
Klaus Stoll
Peter Uehling
Hans Weber
Andrew Wedman

Movie director : Eric Schulz
Playlist : The Legends of the 20th century

Duration : 01 h 19 min
Production date : 2012
Production : © Unitel Classica / Servus TV
Available version(s) : VOST EN, VOST FR, VOST ES, VOST DE, VOST ZH

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