Skip Sempé and Pierre Hantaï perform Rameau

Suite des Indes galantes, transcription for two harpsichords

After his Indes galantes (1735), Rameau composed a suite of ''four great concerts" for harpsichord (to which could be added several other instruments). Aching for a version that would display all the richness and the subtilities of the orchestral version, Pierre Hantaï and Skip Sempé offer as a premiere a transcription for two harpsichords of this opera-ballet.

With its prologue and its four entrances ("Les Incas du Pérou," "Le Turc généreux," "Les Fleurs" and "Les Sauvages"), Rameau's masterpiece gives India the meaning of an exotic country, with no precise geographic localization. A far away and distant country, as the choir sings at the end of the prologue: "Fly, Love./Take your weapons and your swords/To the most distant shore!"

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Philharmonie de Paris - Philharmonie 2
Broadcast date : March 25, 2011, 5:45 p.m.

Musical form : Suite

Location : Philharmonie de Paris – Philharmonie 2 (former Cité de la musique) (Paris, France)
Recording date : 25/03/2011
Production date : 2011

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