Jean-Philippe Collard: Around Liszt's B Minor Sonata

Liszt, Chopin, Wagner, Bach

As a celebration of Liszt's 200th birthday, the pianist Jean-Philippe Collard offers a series of 21 recitals that are based around Liszt's Symphony in B Minor. On April 22, 2011 he plays works by two prolix composers and pianists of the Romantic era: the two close friends Franz Liszt and Frederic Chopin.

The event takes place in the mythical Salle Colonne. This venue, famous for its extraordinary acoustic qualities, was completely redone during the spring of 2011 with the Colonne Orchestra's initiative, who has owned it for over 70 years.

Jean-Philippe Collard piano

Movie director : Jean-Pierre Loisil
Playlist : Chopin's Greatest Performers and Works
Musical period : Romantic music
Music genre : Recitals and chamber music
Musical form : Sonata

Duration : 01 h 17 min
Location : Salle Colonne (Paris, France)
Recording date : 23/04/2011
Production date : 2011

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