Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman: Grand Duo (I)

A film by Christopher Nupen

Itzhak Perlman on stage at the Royal College of Music, London, and Pinchas Zukerman. Two of the world's leading violinists appearing together for the first time. Even though they are very different as artists, in style and in temperament, they greatly enjoy each other's play, and each other's company. They have developed a remarkable relationship.

In spite of their differences, they are often mistaken for one another. They were both born in Israel. They both attended the Julliard School courses. And they both won the Leventritt Award (America's top musical prize).

They have come to London at the end of an European tour together, a tour that has produced immense enthusiasm wherever they have been. Not since Yehudi Menuhin and Isaac Stern played together in Edinburgh in 1953 have two violinists of this calibre seriously set out to harness their individual talents to the disciplines and the pleasures of playing together.

This concert, a last minute addition to this tour, was given in front of an audience of students and musicians, and was filmed for television.

Itzhak Perlman violin
Pinchas Zukerman violin, viola

Duration : 47 min
Location : Royal College Of Music Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall (London, Great Britain)
Production date : 1977
Production : © Allegro Films London

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