Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria, Monteverdi – Opera

Glen Wilson, Pierre Audi – Alexander Oliver (Irus), Mark Tucker (Eurimaque), Anthony Rolfe Johnson (Ulysse) – De Nederlandse Opera

Pierre Audi's classic production of Il Ritorno di Ulisse with the unforgettagle Graciela Ayra in the role of Penelope.

Penelope awaits the return of her husband, Ulysses, from the Trojan Wars. She bewails her fate, but remains optimistic that her husband will return and keeps turning away her suitors. Helped by Minerva, Ulysses manages eventually to reach the palace disguised as an old beggar. Penelope arranges a contest amongst her suitors to string Ulysses' bow, only Ulysses succeeds and kills his rivals. Not without difficulty, Ulysses reveals his identity to his wife.

In his penultimate opera, based on a text adapted from Homer's Odyssey, Monteverdi ventures further than ever before into the depths of human emotion. In this 'drama in musica' human frailty falls victim to time, fortune and love. Gods and humans, comic and intensely serious characters and spectacular scenic effects are brought together in a wonderfully rich and effective texture.

Pierre Audi's highly stylized and timeless production stars an outstanding cast for this story of love and reunion.

Pierre Audi stage director
Michael Simon set designer
Jorge Jara costumes
Jean Kalman lighting

Anthony Rolfe Johnson (Ulisse)
Graciela Araya (Penelope)
Diana Montague (Minerva)
Mark Tucker (Eurimaco)
Monica Bacelli (Melanto, Fortuna)
Toby Spence (Telemaco)
Adrian Thompson (Eumete)
Alexander Oliver (Iro)
Jacob Huypen (Antinoo, Tempo)
Christopher Gillett (Pisandro)
Brian Asawa (Anfinomo, L'Humana Fragilità)
Machteld Baumans (Amore)

Barokorkest met authentiek instrumentarium
Glen Wilson music director

Movie director : Hans Hulscher
Playlist : Mythology and opera
Musical period : Baroque music
Music genre : Voice

Duration : 02 h 28 min
Location : De Nederlandse Opera (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Production date : 1998
Production : © NPS
Available version(s) : IT ST EN, IT ST ES, IT ST FR

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