How To Get Out Of The Cage

One Year With John Cage

John Cage filmed by Frank Scheffer in a documentary which sums up 10 years of collaboration.

From 1982 to 1992 Frank Scheffer worked with John Cage on many different occasions, which resulted in a unique archive of audio-visual material. The material of this Cage-archive consists of interviews, musical performances and images of different locations related to his life and work – Filmed on 16mm and transferred to Digi-Beta.

In all of Scheffer's works related to John Cage he uses the old Chinese method of chance operations based on the I Ching – as often used by John Cage himself in his compositions. For this new documentary he decided for another approach: instead of using these chance operations he edited the film in the usual way that is based on choice. "I wanted the documentary to be informative and appealing to a bigger audience," said Scheffer.

John Cage composer

Movie director : Frank Scheffer
Collection : Contemporary Music
Musical period : Contemporary music

Duration : 56 min
Production date : 2012
Production : A production of Silk Road Film Salon in coproduction with EuroArts
Available version(s) : EN

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