Homage to Pierre Boulez on occasion of his 85th birthday

With Daniel Barenboïm and West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

An exceptional concert for the celebration of Pierre Boulez' 85th anniversary.

Few among the contemporary composers can bear comparison with Pierre Boulez, either in terms of quality or influence. Still a student in the class of composition behold by Olivier Messiaen at the Conservatoire de Paris, Pierre Boulez was noticed as one of the most outstanding composers of the avant-garde. Along with Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage or Luciano Berio, all gathered in the Darmstadt Summer School, Pierre Boulez broke up with the previous generation and explorsed new musical horizons. But Pierre Boulez' work as a composer shall not overshadow his influence on the public itself and its advocating role for the contemporary creation. Founder and artistic director of the Domaine Musical in the late 1950's, Pierre Boulez did a lot to make contemporary music known and accepted by the general audience, and encouraged younger performers to take part of the music renewal.

On the occasion of Pierre Boulez' 85th birthday in 2010, the Berliner Staatsoper invited Daniel Barenboim and his orchestra, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, to perform some of the French composer's masterworks: Messagesquisse, with the Egyptian soloist Hassan Moataz el Molla, Anthèmes 2 for violin solo (Michael Barenboim) and live electronics, and Le marteau sans maître with the Welsh contralto Hilary Summers.

Picture © Thomas Bartilla

Hassan Moataz el Molla cello
Michael Barenboim violin
Hilary Summers contralto

West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
Daniel Barenboim conductor
Pierre Boulez conductor

Movie director : Henning Kasten
Collection : Contemporary Music
Playlists : The World's Greatest Concert Halls, In Memoriam Pierre Boulez
Musical period : Contemporary music

Duration : 01 h 19 min
Location : Staatsoper Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Production date : 2010
Production : © UNITEL

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