Is on-line payment secure?

Yes. Payments are done via Paypal and credit card using the Payline system. They are both 100% secure.

Can I pay by check or cash?

Since payment is done online, we only accept payments with a bank card.

What is a card security code ?

The card security code, or card verification value, is made up of three numbers at the back of your debit card. It provides you with increased protection against credit card fraud. As you are about to pay you bill on, this code is asked to you: just enter the three last numbers at the back of your card (surrounded with a red circle on the picture below).

I cannot confirm my payment. Why?

Please check that:

  • You have filled in all the required fields,
  • You have included no space in the "Card number" field,
  • Your first name and last name do not exceed 15 characters, spaces included

If you are still experiencing difficulties for your payment, please contact

Where can I find my bills?

You can find your bills in the "my account" section.