Hartmut Haenchen conducts Mahler: Symphony No. 6

Mahler cycle with La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra

This outstanding performance of Mahler's Sixth Symphony formed part of Hartmut Haenchen's Mahler cycle with the La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra. Haenchen is renowned and respected for his interpretations of Mahler and Wagner and has had a significant presence in many of the world's leading opera houses. In this expressive and dramatic rendition of the Tragische, Haenchen's intellect and musical integrity are apparent.


Diapason d'or

In the press:

"We are not surprised to see Harmut Haenchen triumph, with his rigorous artistry and biting style, with the grueling descent into hell that is Symphony No. 6: he has already brilliantly recorded this piece to disc, and, whenever he can, the work is included in his concerts to the point of his now being on an equal footing with Boulez, Herbig, Saraste or Haitink. The Scherzo regains its rightful place (that of a second movement), the Andante, for which he gave up his baton, then became the soothing center of the score and acquires a fluidity, a clarity and has a dreaming nuance that is simply magical . The reading is meteoric, where the conductor never releases support. The spicy Scherzo, is a model of style, the Allegro and the finale are genuine symphonic poems carried by a narrative that makes one forget the technicality of the piece which is usually a trifle overused. All worked together ensuring an active quartet, little harmony was over characterized, subtle percussion… the musicians of La Monnaie follow their conductor with fervour. Haenchen’s gestures are economical but elegant, the eyes counting as much as the arms: filmed for the first time in concert, Haenchen is the real product of the German conducting school, which was obscured by the iron curtain for decades. As he launches a Mahler cycle with his valiant troops, it is hoped more will follow!"

La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra
Hartmut Haenchen conductor

Movie director : Johan Cloetens
Collection : ICA Classic: A Collection of Historical Performances and Rare Footage
Playlist : Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler
Musical period : Romantic music
Music genre : Orchestral music
Musical form : Symphony

Duration : 01 h 26 min
Location : BOZAR (Brussels, Belgium)
Recording date : 06/09/2009
Production date : 2009
Production : © VRT Culture for Canvas

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