Gustav Mahler, Das Lied von der Erde

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No composer before Mahler had ever devoted himself exclusively to two genres so apparently incompatible as the intimate lied and the grandiose symphony. Thus it is fascinating in Das Lied von der Erde to see him combining, at this late stage of his career, these two seemingly opposed genres in a 'symphony of lieder' for two solo voices and orchestra. Habakuk Traber presents this exceptional work of which Mahler himself wrote that "I think it is probably the most personal composition I have created thus far."

Movie director : Hans Hadulla
Playlist : Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler
Musical period : Romantic music

Duration : 30 min
Location : Kölner Philharmonie (Cologne, Germany)
Production date : 2008
Production : © EuroArts Music International
Available version(s) : EN

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