Handel's Giulio Cesare : rencontre avec Danielle de Niese

Being Cleopatra in Glyndebourne

Danielle de Niese offers us a wonderful insight into the Glyndebourne experience before a performance of Georg Friederich Handel's Giulio Cesare, in which she plays Cleopatra.

The visit starts with a tour of the cottage where she lives during her stay in Glyndebourne. She then drives to the Opera house and she expresses her feelings about being a singer, and how she particularly enjoys participating to this festival: "The Glyndebourne audiences have been so riveted and they really have shown us a physical response to the performance, which is so rewarding!" Danielle de Niese meets Gus Christie, the executive chairman of the festival, for a walk in the garden around the opera house. According to her, the nature around participates in creating a kind of "utopia" in Glyndebourne.

One hour before her entering on stage, the camera follows Daniele De Niese while she warms up. She takes us to her dressing room to show some of the eight costumes and the accessories she has to wear for the performance. We can also witness the hair and make-up preparation necessary in order to embody the beautiful Cleopatra.

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Danielle de Niese

Musical period : Baroque music

Duration : 22 min
Production date : 2005
Production : © Opus Arte
Available version(s) : , EN

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