Garrick Ohlsson plays Chopin, Piano Concertos

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra

Garrick Ohlsson and Antoni Wit celebrate Chopin.

Admired for his architectural and powerful interpretations of Johannes Brahms, Garrick Ohlsson proves once again his strength and endurance while performing on the same evening the two Chopin concertos. If his persuasion can be admired as well as risk taking and his ardor, it shouldn't however overshadow his delicate phrasing, the variety of his skills and his gift for round and lyrical sonorities.

Great specialist of polish music from its origins to our times, Antoni Witt won't be satisfied for being only an accompaniement. Along with the Warsaw Orchestra, he colors each passage et allows for two very supple concertos.The two performers wondrously retrace the young Chopin's fire before his exile, as well as his maddening virtuosity and his marvelous audacity.

Garrick Ohlsson piano
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra orchestra
Antoni Wit conductor

Movie director : Sébastien Glas
Playlists : Musics from the Americas, Chopin's Greatest Performers and Works, The Piano Masters
Musical period : Romantic music
Music genre : Orchestral music
Musical forms : Concerto, Overture

Duration : 01 h 37 min
Location : Warsaw Philharmonic Hall (Warsaw, Poland)
Recording date : 29/02/2009
Production date : 2009
Production : © Idéale Audience / Ozumi Films / Plesnar Films / ARTE France

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