François Raffinot, Words on Dance

Centre chorégraphique national du Havre

Born in Paris in 1953, François Raffinot studied philosophy and dance in Paris and then began his professional career with Félix Blaska, Peter Gross and Susan Buirge. He joined Brigitte Lefèvre's troop "the Théâtre du Silence" and also danced in Félix Blaska's troop. He has developed a particular interest for ancient dances and went on studying dances of the 17th and 18th centuries. He founded his own company "Barocco" in 1990 and became director of Centre Chorégraphique national du Havre in 1993.

His show Sin Arrimo y con Arrimo presented in this documentary illustrates Raffinot's inter-disciplinary work between painting, music and movement. He chose to use Louis Andriessen's music in order to explore the contrast between music and dance. According to his own words : "Being a choreographer is knowing what's going on musically, visually, and what's going on inside the dancers."

François Raffinot choreography

Movie director : Jean-Michel Plouchard
Collections : Words on Dance: Portraits of French Choreographers, The Contemporary Ballet Scene
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 25 min
Production date : 1996
Production : © INJAM production / Paris première

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