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Footwork & Fugues

The Flying Steps dances Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach and break-dance, a composer and a discipline which do not seem to match but are united in this documentary.

The Flying Steps, founded in Berlin in 1993 and four times World Champions in break-dance, are one of the most successful urban dance crews in the world. In order to gain recognition as dancers but also to express the universality of both Bach music and break dancing, the flying steppers chose to create a choreography to Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Urban culture meets Baroque music played on the piano, harpsichord and electronic beats.

With the unconventional conductor Christoph Hagel being the artistic director of the project, the show was a success and was performed all over the world. In 2010, it received the prestigious ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis. This documentary shows the beginnings of the successful Flying Bach project, including interviews with the dancers, behind-the-scenes materials and rehearsal footage.

Johann Sebastian Bach

The Flying Steps

Movie directors : Jochen Schmoll, Sebastian Tischler
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 52 min
Production date : 2011
Production : © drehXtrem
Available version(s) : VI ST EN

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