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Fayçal Karoui conducts Gershwin, Bernstein and Márquez – With Denis Matsuev

Annecy Campus Orchestra

From Rhapsody in Blue to West Side Story, this programme is torn between classical music, jazz music and musicals. A concert given by the talented Annecy Campus Orchestra!

The Annecy Campus Orchestra was founded by Pascal Escande, artistic director of the festival, in order to shed light on young talents and train them to become orchestral musicians. The perfect opportunity for these music lovers aged 14-24, to learn with world renowned musicians and experience their first emotions on stage.

Fayçal Karoui, current conductor of the Orchestre Lamoureux, who proved his worth conducting prestigious orchestras worldwide, is joined by pianist and virtuoso Denis Matsuev to offer a thrilling concert perfoming masterpieces of classical music.

Among these masterpieces, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue composed in 1923, true masterpiece sprinkled with jazz influences, as well as excerpts from Bernstein's legendary West Side Story, to immerse ourselves in the unique atmosphere of Broadway during the 1950's. Even more contemporary, the very famous Danzón n°2 written by Arturo Marquez (Mexico), will close this Summer evening with warm sounds and rhythms!

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Broadcast date : Aug. 26, 2014, 4 p.m.

Denis Matsuev piano

Annecy Campus Orchestra
Fayçal Karoui conductor

Movie director : Jean-Pierre Loisil

Location : Sainte-Bernadette Church (Annecy, France)
Production date : 2014
Production : Idéale Audience - MUSEEC/

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