Pierre Henry, Paroxysms

World premiere

Pierre Henry is the father of musique concrete, and pioneered most of the recording techniques musicians use today.

His reputation outpasses the frontiers of pure classical and French musics. In 1967, he composed Psyché Rock, an internationally successful track remixed from then on by many DJs and bands (Willy Orbit, Stereolab, Fatboy Slim, Christopher Tyng for the US TV show Futurama, Moog Cookbook...). Pierre Henry is a spiritual leader for generations of artists who still enjoy the discoveries and the daring and visionary experiments of the composer.

medici.tv makes you see live on the internet the world premiere of a unique project, in which Pierre Henry appears at his home in Paris, which hosts the sounds and pictural creations of his life and carreer. He will show us all the stages of creation – from insemination of idea and gestation of sound, to phonetic improvisation with his own voice. No public in front of him. That is to say, the largest public ever! Because the audience for this exclusive show will stand in Tasmania, where the MONA FOMA (MOFO) 2012 – the Museum of Old and New art (MONA) Festival of Music and Art – will broadcast it live and on giant screens, and in the whole world through medici.tv.


Broadcast date : Jan. 15, 2012, 11 a.m.

Movie director : Jean-Pierre Loisil

Location : Pierre Henry's house in Paris / Princes Wharf, Shed No 1 (Hobart, Tasmania)
Production date : 2012

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