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Enrico Caruso

Voice of the century

"Among the opera singers, there was Caruso, and the other ones..."

Enrique Caruso was a man of extreme contradiction, possessing an amazing talent yet full of doubt. His loyalty to those he loved was absolute, and he was viscious and crual when betrayed. He was an honored guest to the parties of the super-rich. But his heart was never far from the memory of the little town where he was born: Naples...

Discover in this documentary the life of one of the greatest singers of the XXth century, of whom Plácido Domingo said: "He just made me want to sing!"

Enrico Caruso

Movie director : Peter Rosen
Playlist : The Legends of the 20th century

Duration : 44 min
Production date : 1998
Production : © Peter Rosen production, Inc, for A&E Televisions Network
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