Don Carlo, Verdi – Opera

Riccardo Chailly, Willy Decker – Rolando Villazón (Don Carlo), Amanda Roocroft (Elisabetta di Valois), Violeta Urmana (La principessa d’Eboli) – De Nederlandse Opera

Willy Decker produces "the darkest opera ever written," according to Riccardo Chailly who conducts this fabulous interpretation of Verdi's Don Carlo at De Nederlandse Opera in Amsterdam, featuring Rolando Villazón in the title role!

In the second half of the 16th century, a peace treaty between France and Spain is to be sealed by the marriage of the Princess Elizabeth of Valois, daughter of Henry II, and Don Carlos, son of Philippe II and heir of the Spanish throne.

When Don Carlos (Rolando Villazón) and her future spouse (Amanda Roocroft) meet for the first time, they fall in love on sight, although they both were apprehensive over their marriage to a stranger. But their happiness does not last long, because the peace treaty arrangements have been altered: Henry II now intends to marry his daughter to King Philip himself. To ensure peace between France and Spain, Elizabeth consents, and Carlos is left devastated.

As ever in Verdi's masterpieces, Don Carlo's story takes its roots in the political and religious situation of Europe. Just like in a Racinian tragedy, the lovers' path is determined by a political situation which overwhelms them.

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Willy Decker stage director
Wolfgang Gussmann set designer

Robert Lloyd (Filippo II)
Rolando Villazón (Don Carlo)
Dwayne Croft (Rodrigo)
Jaakko Ryhänen (Il grande inquisitore)
Giorgio Giuseppini (Un frate)
Amanda Roocroft (Elisabetta di Valois)
Violeta Urmana (La principessa d’Eboli)
Marisca Mulder (Tebaldo, paggio d’Elisabetta)
Maartje de Lint (La contessa d’Aremberg)
Kristian Benedikt (Il conte di Lerma)
Rudi De Vries (Un araldo reale)
Cinzia Forte (Una voce dal cielo)

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Koor Van De Nederlandese Opera
Riccardo Chailly music director

Movie director : Misjel Vermeiren
Playlists : Music, history and politics, Viva Verdi!, Italian opera, The greatest voices
Music genre : Voice

Duration : 02 h 49 min
Location : De Nederlandse Opera (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Production date : 2004
Production : © NPS
Available version(s) : IT ST EN, IT ST ES, IT ST FR

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