Dominium Mundi, The Empire of Management

With a text by Pierre Legendre

A dictatorship without a dictator, management spreads its empire everywhere but humans resist…

After La Fabrique de l'Homme occidental and Miroir d'une nation, l'École Nationale d'Administration, l'Empire du management is the third film by Gérald Caillat written with the great thinker Pierre Legendre. This time, they look at an invisible beast: management. It is a beast because it attacks everything that moves and it is invisible because it conceals itself and its purpose: that of controlling humanity, via the corporation and its new rituals.

Thanks to the financial markets around the world the sun never sets on this empire, making the dreams of the conquistadors come true… To illustrate their point, Gérald Caillat and Pierre Legendre take us to corporate conventions, initiate us to Japanese sales techniques, take us on a visit of the World Trade Organisation and reveal to us the madness of the adepts of cryogenization. But there is hope: the management approach has not succeeded in abolishing the human being, who resists "unfathomable and unassailable". Yes, the dominion of man is that of the "Theatre of fervour", not that of mundane utility.

Movie director : Gérald Caillat

Duration : 01 h 07 min
Production date : 2007
Production : © Idéale Audience / ARTE France
Available version(s) : EN

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