Domingueando, Tango in Montevideo

The semi fictional dance documentary tells the story of a young European dancer's encounter with the authentic world of tango of the Rio de la Plata when he participates at a Sunday afternoon tango club of the elderly in Montevideo, Uruguay.

András, a young dancer in his early thirties travels to Montevideo in despair, unhappy and uncomfortable about his professional life. There, he visits the tango salon of his friend, Roberto, on the occasion of a Sunday afternoon tango club. It is within the walls of this dance hall that he first meets the real, everyday tango as danced by the elderly.

At the "Club of Grandparents" (El Club de los Abuelos) he meets the spirit of true tango. Because beyond all fashions and trends, there is a group of people who always remained truthful to tango. They are the ones who embraced it and who crossed together with it the dance hall of history once with the fragility of a violin and today with a face reminiscent of a bandonion.

It is through the eyes and experience of the young dancer and the stories told by the grandparents themselves that the audience becomes involved in this world and learns about the sentiments and the history that surrounds the birth and birthplace of tango. In the film we can encounter not only the real dance free from the theatrical gestures added by the European taste, but we can also listen to the greatest songs and musicians of the Uruguayan tango.

Movie director : Gabriel Szollosy

Duration : 57 min
Production date : 2001
Production : © Librecine
Available version(s) : PT ST EN

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