Doctor Atomic – Adams

Lawrence Renes, Peter Sellars – Gerald Finley (J. Robert Oppenheimer), Thomas Glenn (Robert Wilson), Jessica Rivera (Kitty Oppenheimer) – De Nederlandse Opera

John Adams and Peter Sellars' opera about Robert Oppenheimer, at the Nederlandse Opera in Amsterdam.

Which better subject John Adams and Peter Sellars could have chosen to denonciate the fall of the modern world? The atomic bomb and its inventor, Robert Oppenheimer (Gerald Finley), are in the middle of the action of this opera, which premiered in 2005 at the San Francisco Opera. After him, the world will never be the way it used to be, and is inexorably shifting towards the nuclear era. And yet, this opera focuses on common and universal problems, including love stories and broken hearts.

The title of this opera reminds us of the famous movie by Stanley Kubrick (Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb), and features fantastic artists such as Gerald Finley who created the role in 2005: it is without any doubt a masterpiece which "modernizes" the issues on the lyric planet.

© Picture: Marco Borggreve

Peter Sellars stage director
Adrianne Lobel set designer
Dunya Ramicova costumes
James F. Ingalls lighting

Gerald Finley (J. Robert Oppenheimer)
Jessica Rivera (Kitty Oppenheimer)
Eric Owens (General Leslie Groves)
Richard Paul Fink (Edward Teller)
James Maddalena (Jack Hubbard)
Thomas Glenn (Robert Wilson)
Jay Hunter Morris (Captain James Nolan)
Ellen Rabiner (Pasqualita)

Koor Van De Nederlandese Opera
Martin Wright chorus master

Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest
Lawrence Renes music director

Duration : 02 h 51 min
Location : De Nederlandse Opera (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Production date : 2007
Production : © De Nederlandse Opera / NPS
Available version(s) : EN ST EN, EN ST FR, EN ST ES, EN ST DE

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