Walt Disney Concert Hall

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The Walt Disney Concert Hall is complex of concert halls located near Los Angeles. It was designed by Frank Gehry, inaugurated in October 2003, it houses the Lose Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. It came to life in 1988 thanks to a very generous donation of a hundred million dollars from Lillian Disney, widow of the late Walt Disney. Its remarkable creative architecture and exceptional acoustics has made it an international concert hall.

It possesses an auditorium designed by Frank Gehry with acousticians Yasuhisa Toyata and Minoru Nagata. Like the Berliner Philharmonie and Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw the audience is gathered around the orchestra on all sides. A legendary organ also lies within its walls. The walls and the ceilings are made of large pine panels and a large window which allows for broad daylight during daytime concerts. Additionally the Walt Disney Concert Hall also possesses two outdoor amphitheaters, a theater for children, a small concert hall and a reception hall.

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