Denise Duval Revisitée ou La Voix Retrouvée

La Voix Humaine: Masterclass

A fascinating master class on Francis Poulenc's La Voix humaine given by the French soprano Denise Duval.

Based upon a drama written by Jean Cocteau, premiered at the Comédie-Française in 1930 and booed by the Surrealists present in the audience, La Voix humaine is Francis Poulenc's most famous lyric tragedy. It features a single character on stage: a woman on the phone, expressing herself in a truncated soliloquy. Through a faulty mean of communication, unspoken resentments are brought to the fore, and the story sets forth a difficult breaking-up between the woman and the man she loves at the other end of the line. Denise Duval, Francis Poulenc's Muse, created the role in 1959. Thirty years later, she accepts to appear in front of Dominique Delouche's camera while giving a master class on the interpretation of La Voix humaine to Sophie Fournier, accompanied by Alexandre Tharaud on the piano.

Denise Duval soprano

Sophie Fournier soprano
Alexandre Tharaud piano

Movie director : Dominique Delouche
Collection : Les Six
Music genre : Voice

Duration : 01 h 12 min
Recording date : 1998
Production date : 1999
Production : © Les Films du Prieuré - MUZZIK
Available version(s) : FR ST EN

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