Danza, The Miracle of Cuba

A documentary on the ballet Danza Contemporánea at La Havana

Contemporary ballet as seen by the Cuban's best-known company.

Arriving in La Havana, once we pass through the other side of the tropical mirror and of its pleasant exotic reflections, we penetrate into a world where, suddenly, logical has no currency anymore. La Havana is this city where skin colors remind us that history made meet Africa, Spain, China.

This is the city of the company Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, one of the most beautiful companies in the country: the most emancipated, the most efficient. Here, the temperaments of the dancers express themselves openly and the rules of life and education, always learned, emerge... as time goes by.

The Cuban author Héctor Quintero wrote: "Maybe for the next year [...] the best will happen." For Danza, these better following days are those of tours in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada.

This documentary follows the company's rehearsals in La Havana, but also tells the story of Danza Contemporánea's first ever tour in the United Stages. So, between La Havana and New York, the time of a tour, the great History is forgotten...

Danza contemporanea

Movie director : Sonia Paramo
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 57 min
Production date : 2011
Production : © Les Films Figures Libres – Danza Contemporánea de Cuba
Available version(s) : FR ST EN

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