Daniel Barenboim plays and conducts Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 25

Berliner Philharmoniker

In the sumptous Siemens-Villa, in Berlin, Daniel Barenboïm directs the Berliner Philharmoniker in the 23th concerto for piano by Mozart

Two composers who help Daniel Barenboïm to make a name for himself as pianist and orchestra director, are Mozart and Beethoven. In the 1980s, while he was at the peak of his career, he undertook a recording project of the last eight concertos for piano by Mozart with one of the greatest German orchestras, the Berliner Philharmoniker. These performances were recorded in the neoclassic frame of the Siemens-Villa in Berlin, which takes its name from the famous patron and music lover Ferdinand Werner Siemens. These movies represent an extraordinary memory of the main interpretation existing at that time of these Concertos for piano by Mozart, considered as real masterpieces.

The concerto No. 25 is the last one of the series of twelve concertos composed in Vienna during the years 1784-1786. The march of its second movement is said to be the source of inspiration of the French national anthem La Marseillaise, and it is most probably also the melody Beethoven had in mind when he wrote his fourth piano concerto. Another proof of the genious and universality of this masterpiece.

Movie director : George Moorse
Collection : Daniel Barenboim: Mozart's Last Piano Concertos
Playlist : The Piano Masters
Musical period : Classical music
Music genre : Orchestral music
Musical form : Concerto

Duration : 31 min
Location : Siemens-Villa (Berlin, Germany)
Production date : 1989
Production : © Metropolitan, München

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