Close Up, Shostakovich

A portrait

Humour, sarcasm, grotesqueness – and not least an overriding pessimism – are characteristics not only found in Dmitri Shostakovich himself but also in his music.

The film intends to be as authentic as possible in portraying the composer, neither denouncing him as an opportunist nor praising him as a dissident. The seven chapters rather try to reconstruct how the young star composer, who renouncing the traditional was known for his grotesque distortions, became the stiff state composer most of whose life is still shrouded in mystery.

Movie directors : Katharina Bruner, Oliver Becker
Playlists : Russian Music, The Legends of the 20th century, The Musical Life in Former USSR
Musical period : Music from the 20th century

Duration : 58 min
Production date : 2006
Production : © Loft Music
Available version(s) : EN

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