Clairemarie Osta, The soul of a star

Portrait of the Etoile Dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet

Clairemarie Osta, Étoile of the Paris Opera Ballet.

There is no other dancer like Clairemarie Osta in the world of classical ballet: on the one hand mystical and sensitive, she is also gifted with a wonderful sense of humour. This young star dancer from Nice does not hesitate to share with the viewer of this compelling documentary her passion for worlds outside classical ballet: an avid gardener, she also loves to tap dance – in fact, she was, at age twelve, the youngest French national tap champion before turning her career to classical dance.

Clairemarie Osta's partner in life, the star dancer Nicolas Le Riche, is also her partner on stage: in this film we see her perform his choreography of the story of the brutal Roman emperor Caligula, wonderfully set to music by the violinist Maxime Tholance.

The documentary also explores other aspects of the life of this atypical dancer: a mother and an ardent practitioner of yoga, Clairemarie Osta also studies improvisational dance with the famous Canadian choreographer Jill Johnson. At the same time she continues to inhabit the repertory of classical dance, including lead roles in Paquita and The Bayadere, thus engaging the interest and curiosity of a large audience that reaches beyond traditional lovers of ballet.

Clairemarie Osta was appointed "Etoile" of the Paris Opera Ballet in 2002. She retired ten years later, in 2012. For more information, watch A.D. Duval's documentary, Les Adieux, with Clairemarie Osta. The ballet Caligula by Nicolas Le Riche was broadcast live on in 2011.

Clairemarie Osta

Nicolas Le Riche
Brigitte Lefèvre
Pierre Lacotte
Victor Cuno
Véronique Doisneau
Jill Johnson

Movie director : Jean-Marie David
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 26 min
Production date : 2006
Production : © CasaDei Productions / Mezzo
Available version(s) : FR

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